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LED Laser Toys

LED Laser Toys

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LED Laser Toy A Description:

1. Funny cat mode can be divided into two types: automatic mode and manual mode

Adjustable 5 tracks with 2.5 angles

3. Dual power supply, usb plug-in use or battery (4 AA batteries, not worn in the package)

4. Stepless direction changing silent motor, silent motor will not cause cat discomfort

5. The light source is an industrial-grade light source (can be used for a long time)

6. There are two gears for laser speed, which can satisfy cat's preference.

7. Funny cat: Exciting light moves randomly on the floor and walls, attracting the natural hunting instinct of the cat. Use the mirror adjustment buttons to control the position of the bright spot

8. Automatic mode, when no one is at home, start the laser cat to accompany and play: automatically run for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours


Material: ABS plastic
Funny cat pattern: automatic and manual mode
Size: 18.5cm / 7" * 7/
Dual power supply: (4 AA) battery USB power supply (battery not included)
Net weight: 220g

Packing list:

1x cat funny
1x charging cable
1x screwdriver




LED Laser Toy B Description:

1. Every time you open the toy, it will automatically re-open at the end of 3 hours for 15 minutes, and then it will cycle, so that it can accompany your cat when you are away for a long time

2. There are two modes: automatic mode and manual mode.

3. The quiet motor provides a good environment for pets. Charging method: 4 AA batteries (not included) or connect to USB cable.

4. Exciting light moves randomly across floors and walls, drawing in cats' natural hunting instincts.

Please note: Place the toy on the top to prevent it from being accidentally knocked down by the cat.


Name: Cat ball toy
Material: ABS.
Optional color: white/red/blue
Battery: 2 * AAA battery (not included)
Size: 70 * 225mm

Packing List:

1 * Interactive cat toy
1 * charging cable
1 * User manual