Reader Chip Digital Scanner
Reader Chip Digital Scanner
Reader Chip Digital Scanner
Reader Chip Digital Scanner

Reader Chip Digital Scanner

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1. Suitable for managing animal in farm as well as tracing and identify pets.
2. Can be applied to property management and anti-counterfeiting.
3. Built-in zapper for instand identification and indicating.
4. High receiving sensitivity with small working current.
5. Easy to carry and operate.



1. Press and hold the side switch to turn on the machine for about 3 seconds to enter the scanning state.
2. Press the side button, red appears on the screen, scan the code near the chip area, and start scanning the label. The scan waiting time is 10 seconds.
3. Press the side button to continue reading the next electronic tag.
4. No label is scanned, the prompt is as follows: the device will automatically shut down after 20 seconds. 


Product advantages:
① Portable
② High sensitivity
③ Simple operation


Product Notes:

Animal chip handheld readers are used in the field of animal identification and can identify animal tags that meet the ISO11784 / 85 standard.

The product adopts radio frequency transmitting / receiving circuit and embedded microcontroller, combined with decoding algorithm to receive, verify and read the data of IS011784 / 85 compatible electronic sign.

It has the characteristics of good receiving sensitivity, small working current, convenient carrying and good cost performance.

The data is displayed on the LCD screen in real time.
All 15-bit chips can be scanned
Support read chip ISO11784 / ISO11785, FDX-B


Type: Pet ID Scanner
Working Frequency: 134.2KHz
Screen Display: OLED Display
Bug Zapper: Built-In Placing
Cruising Capacity: 3.5 hours
Storage Temperature: -30 - 65°
Operating Temperature: -30 - 50°
Operating Humidity: 5% - 90%
Charging Method: USB Rechargeable
Charging Voltage: 5V
Support Language: English
Storage and Transmission: Not Supported
Color: Shown as pictures
Size: 133 x 77 x 14mm(5.24 x 3.03 x 0.55in)